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If you’ve ever heard me talk passionately about something or some human, please replay that conversation and insert “Science Online” as the object of my dearest most passionate love.  It’s a community where Science writers, blogging scientists, journalists and a couple of lucky marketers **cough** ME, get to converge on North Carolina.

By attending we participate in rituals, hug the BlogFather of Science (BoraZ) and share the hardships that come with exposing your ideas to an often harsh populace.  I’ve been to Science Online twice, but everyone there feels like family, even when I don’t know their names.

So much love to this community.  It’s where science-smart people get to gush unabashedly about their love of science without anyone asking them to prove it or show a significant causality.  It’s where feeling meets science.

And anytime I work with scientists, that’s the place I want to be.

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