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I’m reading a book, “The Power of Habits” by Charles Duhigg, that was a special “pre-release” to the attendees of Science Online 2012 .

The interesting thing about habits is that they are unchangeable for most of us.  I have many many habits, and over the years I’ve lost some destructive ones with some simple techniques, and I’ve ADDED some fantastic new ones.  These changes were difficult, and required a lot of trial and error on my part.

In Charles Duhigg’s book, he distills down my trial and errors to very a very simple equation Trigger/cu3–> Perform Habit –> Reap Reward.

A powerful and often reliable habit changer: Alcoholics Anonymous plus a couple of other stories.  Belief and community help people to make powerful changes in their lives.

The most interesting thing I’m finding as I read this book is that lasting change happens for people when they believe in something bigger than themselves.  Duhigg points to a couple of great examples…one of which is people who’ve successfully quit drinking thanks to Alcoholics Anonymous.  In these people a combination of community and belief come thru for them and replace their habit of drinking alcohol to alleviate their stress/pain/ suffering.

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