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Ain’t it sweet…

Chinese woman: “Ahhh. You tired?”

Me: “Yes. I’ve been really tired, and I ate a LOT of ice cream last night. Like tons. I was a bottomless pit”

Chinese woman: “Ahhh.  I see it.  I feel it. You have THE YEAST.  Here, I have the fix for you”.

Hmm.  There is a common alternative health condition that over-consumption of sugar occurs when you have a Systemic Yeast Infection or Candidiasis.

Double Hmmm.  There are a lot of supplements out there to eliminate yeast infection.  I bought the $30 bottle of yeast reduction elixir, but i didn’t really stick with it and lost interest…mostly because it tasted funny to me.  Most nutritional supplements do.  Lots of people need them, but I am consistently healthy and full of energy (except when the yeast has control), so I focus my time and dollars learning how to cook tasty veggies that are in line with the cravings I have.

And, as my Grandpa Carl would agree, the money is better in my pockets than theirs.

Ok, so I frequently binge on sugar, and I don’t want to be stupid, so I’m investigating ways to reduce it from my diet, in a way that is easy, and even pleasant.

Oh it’s possible, you naysayers.

Here’s how I go about reducing a habit or activity.  As a practicing yogi, I know that negative habits provide a clue to my unconscious and desires that I am squelching.

  1. Research how others have conquered it
  2. Look at the extremes – What happens when people quit cold-turkey? Is there a high rate of relapse?
  3. Look at how people have successfully reduced their intake.
  4. Look at my past history of controlling this habit.
  5. Consider using it to achieve a Sankalpa (In this method of intention, the stronger the habit, the more effective it is at pushing you to your intention).

I had forgotten about Sankalpa until just now.  In Sankalpa, you use one of Rod Strykers meditation processes for identifying an intention that you want to accomplish w/in 6-18 months.  In order to help keep you focused on that intention, you choose a bad habit, and give it up for 40 days.  Each time you are moved to partake in your habit…you use gratitude and the sankalpa (an intention that you not only want, but FEEL a desire for) to redirect the habit energy.

Here’s the problem… I have tried to “quit” a lot of things.

Smoking…Caffeine, Alcohol, junk food, nail biting, punching boys i like.

Rarely is cold turkey an effective method of quitting for me.  I become a raving lunatic, and eliminating my addiction becomes more important than anything.

Until i cave.  Then i GORGE myself, then we try again.

So …there has to be a better way.  For my Sankalpa, I can choose to quit something i don’t mind, like nail biting or multi-tasking.  Those seem to work well.

Ok Next Blog will be on a “Step-down from Sugar” method.  YAY!



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