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Why Posey Satya?

I am in love with a lot of things… the first is my homeplace and the area surrounding it.

Posey is the quaint name for my mom’s birthplace, which she refers to as “The Post Oaks”.  While my hometown is truly home to me, something about Posey always draws my attention when I work with yoga and meditation.  Memories of my Grandma Mildred and Grandpa Carl, working in their yard, raising tomatos, flowers, and caring for dogs.  The fish that G’pa would catch and send home with us for our freezer.  The big old house that they raised my mom and her sister and brothers in, and of course the Angel Food Cakes and Apple Pies (capitalized because they were THAT good) that G’ma Mildred would make.  Was a great little getaway for me, my brothers, and cousins when we were kids.

I am also in love with language.  Satya is a Sanskrit word for truth, and in yoga makes reference to that which is unchanging.  One of the goals of yoga and meditation is to bring the practitioner into touch with that part of him or herself that realizes and knows that he/she is God, an unchanging and pure light.

Sanskrit is the “language of divine beings”.  The words are designed to impart the meaning through vibrations in the body when thought or spoken.  So saying the word “Satya” vibrates truth and the unchanging, pure light of your Self through your body and the area around you.


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