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Fall “house” cleaning

Seasonal changes are a great time to take advantage of the transitional time to clean out closets, get your extra clothes and weird thingamajigs off to Goodwill, and to detox your body.   Right? What’s good for the house, the yard, and the car is also good for your system.

The last month or so I have had several conversations with yoga friends about diets and regimens designed to help clear our energies and bodies for the coming winter.  There is a lot of discussion of the pro’s and con’s of each.

The one I really like is taken from “Ayurveda” or the medical and food science that is a “sister science” to Yoga.

When doing your seasonal “housecleaning” or cleanse, you eat a rice/lentil dish called “kitchari” which is very gentle to your digestive system, and has the basic components that you need.  I also eat fruit, drink herbal tea, and lots and lots of water.  People who need caffeine sometimes do Green tea to help them get over withdrawal headaches…but it’s recommended that you wean yourself from caffeine prior to cleansing.

It’s also recommended that you get gentle exercise while cleansing. Simple yoga poses, and taking walks are great ways to help your body move it’s energy and clear waste from the body and the mind.

You can do this for as long as you like.. 3 days, or 7 days are the recommended time frames. I’m about to take on a 3-day diet (Maybe 7.  we’ll see 😉  Typically I feel lighter and more energetic after a day or two.  I also use this diet when I’ve been eating too much. Around the holidays I will often replace a meal or two with Kitchari just to give my system a break.

Here is the recipe I use most frequently, as the ingredients are simple, and i can find them easily (if anyone needs the split yellow lentils, they are at Jay’s International)


Kithcari, green beans, mushrooms and greens

Bonus Bits:

Ayurveda revolves around “types” or “doshas” http://doshaquiz.chopra.com/  I am a Pitta and a Kapha combo. What are you? Does the assessment ring true? It is said that we come into the world with a unique combination or Pitta, Kapha, and Vata energy and many of us are often working with an imbalance.  After working with it for years, I can tell that my kapha is much higher than is healthy for me.

Many of my yoga buddies have been working with this cleanse from Yoga Journal:  http://falldetox.yogajournal.com/detox/day/1  – You may like the additional recipes and yoga sequences that are given for each day of the cleanse.