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Gratitude Practice – joy in solitude

Ever have a bad mood? Or you can’t quite get anything right…a butter-fingers kind of day?

A very simple way to shift your thoughts/feelings from the negative to the positive is to give thanks for something in your situation.

I feel a little sad and lonely tonight.  I’ve had a very enjoyable weekend reconnecting with friends I really enjoyed seeing near my homeplace (Whatup Clinton County??) and some of my family.   The 48 hours of time away from my weekday commitments has slipped by and I’m preparing to go back to my structured work environment.

So i’m going to start a Gratitude practice on this blog to help me shift.  Sometimes yoga is simply about working with thoughts, feelings, and intentions to bring about positivity, health and growth.  A gratitude practice does that by shifting focus and awareness to a positive aspect of a situation. When stuck in negative feelings like fear and loneliness, it’s helpful to create mental space for positive energies, or to find a way to shift to more positive.

So tonight I’m grateful for my clean couch, the bath I’m about to take, and a bowl of soup and french bread to nourish and comfort my tired self.

I’m also grateful for the really joyful time and memories we made at my friends’ wedding last night, and the time I spent enjoying sunny and cool day out on the farm first catching up with Mom on the porch, then listening as Dad and my brother, Eddie discussed …um…pressurized welding digging chaining scraper pan, trackhoe, sandblasting? (ok, i am foggy on what they were talking about.  I just hung out and petted the dogs).

Om Shanti (Peace) shanti (Peace).  Ahhhhhh… 🙂