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The Very First Post

Welcome welcome welcome!  I’m super stoked about this blog.  I’ve been studying yoga for the past 7 years, and have worked in the science world for over 12.  I’m a huge sponge for information related to health science,  and ways to make life more fun and enjoyable all around.

I completed my yoga teacher certification last year with Rhonda Mills.  The training was a fantastic year-long immersion in meditation and yoga practices all designed to bring me more in touch with myself and to catapult me into designing my life in a way that feels fantastic.

Part of what I came out of that training with, was a clearer view of how I wanted to share yoga with the world.  And I know that I want to share the core pieces with my friends, family, and curious types who want to know more.

I also want to educate myself on the place where science meets self-healing arts like yoga, meditation, energetic healing, etc.  My starting point will be mainstream resources like the Mayo Clinic and the NIH (National Institutes of Health) funded projects around complementary medicine.  And I’ll also bring you information from people that have helped me to transform my life and attitudes into the happy person I am today.

So Stay Tuned.  we’re going to talk about Fear, Emotions, Food and emotions, Dating, Independent Single Women, Neuroscience + Meditation, Anything I can Find on the Gut and the Nervous system