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Yoga= Using life as a science experiment

Most of the yoga I practice comes from a system called ParaYoga. ParaYoga was founded by Rod Stryker and there are a number of amazing ParaYoga Certified Teachers.  It includes the teachings of many aspects of yoga science all drawn from Tantric Hatha Yoga.

A Tantric yogi treats all of life as a grand experiment, diving in head first, then embracing elements of life (yoga, funk music, ice cream) that “work”, and releasing elements of life (yoga, funk music, ice cream) that do not “work” for the goals he/she has.  Nothing is good, nothing is bad.  Every piece is just fodder for expanding your experience of connection.

How is this science?  It’s in the process of trial and error…but here your body and life experiences serve as the lab.

  1. Set a goal. “Heal right hip pain”, or “Satisfaction with my job” or “Stop arguing w/ a loved one”
  2. Get guidance- a teacher and teachings that speak to you.
  3. Work with teacher to choose yoga/meditation practices that support goal.
  4. Begin to practice.
  5. Practice some more.
  6. Check in.  What is the effect? Is my right hip experiencing more pain? Less pain?  Am I finding satisfaction in my job?  Have I developed tools to stop arguing and reach harmony w/ my loved ones?
  7. Modify practice
  8. Repeat 4-8 as necessary…until goal is achieved or needs to be changed.

More info….

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Rod Stryker’s recommended reading list. 
Living Tantra – teachings of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait (Rod Stryker’s teacher)

The Himalayan Institute – Center for yoga and the teachings of Swami Rama (Pandit Rajmani’s teacher)

Rod’s students locally:

Rhonda Mills – St. Louis’s certified ParaYoga teacher (and my teacher)

Mia Park – Chicago’s certified ParaYoga teacher –almost local.  Mia embodies yoga in a way that inspires me and many others!

Sherry Summers – My first yoga teacher!  Her beginners classes are starting!